Panjabi Tales of Willenhall

This project explores the immigrant narrative of the punjabi community in the town of Willenhall. A small town in Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands an are considered to be the black country. One would least expect a thriving Sikh community in such as part of the UK.

The ‘Punjabi Tales of Willenhall’, through a photographic project shines light on the community and the struggles of first generation Punjabis in the UK and the formation of such a community in Willenhall.

This is a continuation of a heritage project ‘Bangladeshi Tales of Kings Cross’, once again exploring the immigrant narrative of life in Britain as first generation Bangladeshi. A film projection by artist Mohammed Ali, was used to present the stories captured on video.






Sucha Mela

Sucha Mela is a Panjabi live music fair in the Willenhall Memorial Park. Bringing together the Panjabi community from across the local area and UK, to experience live music and performances from world renowned Panjabi artist. This project is in collaboration with the Sucha Mela, to create a unique outdoor exhibition at the event, as well as working with them to capture there community authentically

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The Bangladeshi Tales of Kings Cross

Artist Mohammed Ali celebrates the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh at the Bloomsbury Festival, bringing life to the frontages of the Holy Cross church and the British Library, with film projections telling the stories of early Bangladeshi migrants.

Speaking of the struggles, the hardships and the joys of making a new home in a foreign land, the interviews will extract the life and journeys of those who left the motherland of Bangladesh, at a time of political turmoil in the 70s

These interviews were projected onto the front of the Holy Cross Church and then again onto the British Library at dusk during Bloomsbury Festival.

Bangladeshi Tales of Kings Cross