Stories of white working-class women who crossed the colour line to marry men of the Windrush generation.

Julie McNamara and Hassan Mahamdallie’s extensive research gives voice to the stories of these unsung women, who faced hostility, battled discrimination and showed courage in the face of racism, class and gender prejudice and, who lay the foundations of the multi-cultural society we enjoy today.

The Creative Team of renowned, diverse practitioners have developed a vital work – a drama-noir, with film, music and movement, set in 2028, in an imagined, dystopian future. England is a racist, authoritarian state, in self-imposed isolation from Europe and most of the world and gripped by economic collapse.

The question is posed “Were these women treated as if they committed a crime against society?”

In this dystopia, white women who married “coloured” men from the Windrush generation and who raised their children, are seen as race-traitors. The children are labelled as unwanted “Hybrids” and deported. Some escape, supported by “The Multi-Resistance” and are disappeared underground, with their identities changed, they are brought up by sympathetic families as their own.

Dervish Productions in association with Soul City Arts and The Albany.