Soul Fire Sundays

Live art, great food, curated sounds, conversations.

Soul Fire Sundays is a regular live-art, food and music event from Soul City Arts. For each event three guest visual artists are brought together and invited to paint on bespoke stages against a backdrop of DJ’d soundscapes and food from guest caterers.    

Soul Fire Sundays has featured artists such as Lucy McLauchlan, Epod, Sok, Asia Alfasi, Tea One, Will Barras, Annatomix, Roots 0121, Zukie, Elph One and Soph Barras. It was launched before the Covid pandemic and took place at the Moseley School of Art, but now has been brought  into the Soul City Arts new venue ‘Port Hope’ for the first time.

The venue is a former-industrial unit in the heart of Sparkbrook, Birmingham which has transformed into an artist studio and performance space.

Visual artists are given centre-stage at Soul Fire Sundays, where the art and live-painting is witnessed by all as it evolves throughout the day.   The veil of the artist is lifted and an environment created for the audience to engage and interact with the artist like never before.

Combined with street food from guest caterers such as Raja Monkey and gelato-kings La Pop, Soul Fire provides a unique offering of food and conscious art.  Thoughtful soundtracks fill the space, whilst the audience is invited to draw and graffiti onto tabletops led by experienced graffiti-artist at

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