Melting Pot

A place for socially conscious voices.

The Melting Pot is a metaphor for a dispersed and diverse society becoming more homogenous and unified. This homogeneity is based on education, on understanding of one another and on dialogue between the identities that make up society.

The Melting Pot Podcast is an arts based podcast exploring a range of black and minority ethnic artists and art forms practiced by artists across the UK and internationally. It aims to inspire, educate and offer an insight into a range of arts that contributes to positive social change.

It aims to inspire new audiences to learn about diverse art forms through issues that affect their communities. These narratives are told by artists whose art speaks to the experience of the most marginalised and culturally disengaged and promotes their rights / access for an expressive / cultural life through educative artist interviews.

The podcast will work to illuminate the unique role artists play in broader societal change and highlight how they do this. Presented by Manpreet Darroch A Soul City Arts Production

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20 episodes of the Melting Pot Podcast are available online.