Dining Experiences

immersive gatherings

Bangladesh to Birmingham

An immersive dining experience, capturing the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of Bangladesh. Created by Mohammed Ali (artist and curator of Knights of the Raj) and Chef Munayam Khan of Raja Monkey Restaurant (Lasan Group)
A one-off dining experience at The REP. Settle down to immerse yourself into the sounds, sights and flavours of Bangladesh as you enjoy an authentic home-style Bangladeshi meal, prepared by award winning chef Munayam Khan. Be surrounded by filmic projections of Mohammed Ali’s travels in and around Dhaka, and enjoy atmospheric music performed live by Bengali artists. Food, art and heritage become one. This event marks the launch of Transforming Narratives, a three-year programme to place Birmingham as a leading international centre for contemporary South Asian arts. Transforming Narratives is supported by British Council and Arts Council England.

Future Dining Events in the Covid19 era

Near the end of 2019, after delivering our first large-scale dining event at the REP theatre to mark the launch of British Council’s Transforming Narrative project, we had planned to deliver further dining experiences across Birmingham and beyond.  We began delivering smaller scale regular events as well as planned for large scale versions in big theatres and outdoor spaces.

Covid19 changed things.  We are now waiting as we explore how things evolve.  Will people now feel comfortable dining at the same table as total strangers?  Keep in touch with us as we explore options with our dining experiences.