Rajpal has amassed considerable experience in operations, logistics, finance, project management and leadership across his 30 year career in the arts. As well as an accomplished dancer in his own right, Rajpal has been at the forefront of delivering some of the UK’s most prolific arts productions across multiple genres with artists and organisations such as Julian Joseph, TY, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Scarabeus Aerial Theatre, Greenwich Dance, Alchemy Festival on Tour with London’s Southbank and The Award Winning London Mela, to name a few.

As Executive Director of Soul City Arts Rajpal will be responsible for the evolution of and expansion of the organisation; our organisational structure, development and outreach to bring it to new heights and build on the groundbreaking work the organisation has done locally and internationally.

Some of his responsibilities include:

  • Represent Soul City Arts and serve as a spokesperson.
  • Take an active part in the business and financial planning processes.
  • Offer a broad knowledge of programs, policies and implementation strategies.
  • Supporting and amplifying the artistic voice of the organisation and acting as a channel of communication between board and staff.
  • Act as another senior figurehead alongside Mohammed Ali for the
  • organisation and advocating wherever possible.
  • Leading on the development of the board and ensuring its decisions are implemented.

“Soul City Arts has been on an amazing journey with ground breaking work and my hope is to enhance the foundations by adding further avenues alongside long-term strategy for a continued legacy”. – Rajpal Pardesi – Executive Director, Soul City Arts (April, 2021).