Soul City Arts strives to use the arts to bring together communities that are divided by culture, faith, ethnicity and geography. We use the arts to nurture dialogue, seeing these differences not as barriers, but as bridges to a wider view of our society

"A re-imagined multi-site participatory dining experience"

We at Soul City Arts are taking our dining events to the next level by piloting a 'Global Dining' concept where live-streamed event across two citied will take place with an intimate guest audience. A guest chef and dinner host will guide the diners on both ends to connect through the food and conversation live streamed through a large screen

We believe the sharing of food to be a powerful tool in connecting people, one that has stood the test of time

These dining events are designed to create compelling conversations through careful curation by a host. Aiming to engaged different communities with each other. Story telling and sharing life experiences, are triggered by food itself. An artistic dressing of the space combined with ambient lighting, film projections and soundscapes are designed to immerse the audience.